About Me

I am a dual US/UK national who just so happened to be born and raised in Hong Kong. I attended both primary and secondary school in Hong Kong, attending international schools under the umbrella of the English Schools Foundation. After Hong Kong, I attended Harvard College as a member of the Class 0f 2013, concentrating in Social Studies (an interdisciplinary, honors-only program) with an academic focus on globalization in East Asia. As part of my degree, I wrote a 30,000 word senior thesis titled “The Sub-State Actor: Hong Kong, Macau and a New Definition for Sovereignty”. You can find more information about what I have written here.

I will be starting a Masters of Philosophy in International Relations at St. Edmund Hall in Oxford University, as a Clarendon scholar, finishing in 2015.

Interests include international affairs, politics (both domestic and global), and economic development. Less academic hobbies include sailing and music (listening, not playing).

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