How one Hong Kong village has adapted a rural lifestyle for the 21st century [The South China Morning Post]

It may be hard to talk about anywhere in Hong Kong being in the “middle of nowhere”, but Lai Chi Wo village would probably come pretty close. Nestled within Plover Cove Country Park, and next to the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park, it is over an hour’s walking distance from the nearest major road.

And yet the village is lively. Farmers are seeding the surrounding fields with rice. Villagers are hawking handicrafts and snacks. And, finally, there are bemused and interested people from the city, exploring Lai Chi Wo’s heritage and even, perhaps, helping to farm the fields. The village has even been featured in the most recent Lonely Planet guide for Hong Kong. Given its relative remoteness, Lai Chi Wo’s success is heartening.

This is an excerpt from an opinion piece publsihed in the South China Morning Post on August 12th, 2016 in support of the Global Institute For Tomorrow’s 2016 Hong Kong Young Leaders Programme. The original article can be found here