Why not focus on things people can agree upon [China Daily]

With the breakdown of talks and the protest march last Sunday, the national education issue has reached an impasse. It is now a political argument to be won, rather than a policy question to be solved. The risk is that Hong Kong will lose a potentially important addition to its education system; perhaps, to find a way out of the gridlock, we should focus on where the two sides agree, rather than where they disagree.

National education, as an educational principle, should not be controversial; many countries recognize the importance of teaching students about the political system and society of which they are a part. At Harvard College, which I attend, students are required to take a course in “the United States in the World”, which includes courses on American history and political structures. While at a higher level than what is proposed for Hong Kong, the principle is the same: one needs some understanding of one’s own country.

This is an except from an opinion piece published in China Daily on August 1st, 2012. The full article can be accessed here.