Don’t Overdo the Pessimism on Hong Kong Reforms [The Diplomat]

Outside commentary on Hong Kong, and its unique political structure, has grown since the National People’s Congress released their decision on the city’s upcoming election process. Reaction was immediately negative: the major sticking point was that a “Nominating Committee” would approve candidates for the next Chief Executive campaign in 2017. Several observers have lost faith in the entire project, remarking that “One Country, Two Systems” – the political structure that preserves Hong Kong’s autonomy – is effectively dead.

However, the current electoral developments should be a source of interest and excitement. If these reforms pass, there will now be a Chinese city that will directly choose its own leader. The election will come with campaigns and politics, monitored by Hong Kong’s politically engaged population and covered by its vibrant (and aggressive) press.

This is an excerpt from a piece published in The Diplomat on September 22nd, 2014. It can be accessed here.